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drones watching-512Drone-Solutions - dynamic remote and stationary sensor services

The use of techniques to gain information from remote sensing can be needed in a variety of applications, such as precision agriculture, inspection, surveillance and tracking missing persons.

Advanced infra-red cameras, small solid state radar systems and new techniques based on cellular phone triggering can pin-point locate persons from a distance of up to 30 km!

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) can be of much help in easy and fast assistance at such tasks.

Drone-Solutions supply advice and comprehensive project management in the field of professional solutions to acquire the right information at the right time to manage your project in the best possible way in any form of turn-key or 'service-level-agreement'.

Our strategic partners are specialized companies and organizations that work with already proven technology and services that we combine to tailor-made solutions.

Remote Sensing

Both unmanned vehicles and fixed position stations can be equipped with controllable sensors of all kind of physical disciplines based on LiDAR (laser mapping), Optical, Hyper-spectral, Thermal, Acoustic, and Magnetic or Radio-spectral techniques. The digitalized data can give very precise information to adjust, measure and control a wide variety of processes or situations.

A wide variety of techniques

For all vehicle systems, UAV’s, terrestrial, (sub) marine, we offer solutions for autonomic (auto-pilot), pre-pattern, remote controlled routing and nocturnal operations, using different sorts of navigation techniques. Most of our systems are approved by the French Department of Defense.

A variety of propulsion systems for various applications are available: fossil fuel piston and jet engines as well as electrical powered.

Our UAV's are designed as highly maneuverable copters or fixed wing, suitable for long distances (>800km) and operation time (>10h) or high speed (>300km/h).

Data management

Various storage systems, real-time availability and data security are some of the fields we have our expertise. Data interpretation, analyzes, data linking, data merging, data mining and interacting with big data systems, real time or subsequently and data enhancement. (third party partnerships)


In collaboration with our partners we provide training on operational level, data interpretation, process management and transferable project management.



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